Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter Banners for the Wall

The Big Easter banner features an image of the rising Jesus on one overlay and names of Jesus on the overlay below.

Here is Jesus in my dining room. During the afternoon on Good Friday I had painted the rising Jesus overlay. While He was drying He took up most of my dining room and all of my painting surfaces - so in a way He made me stop my work, take time to get ready and go to the Good Friday service - and I was there on time for the beginning of the service!

You can get an idea of how big the banners for the wall are when you see Mike and Steve next to the Big Jesus (Steve is also standing on a bench).

We were challenged each week with hanging the big banners on the wall because of the height. We found that it was easiest to hang the banner by hooking one side and then moving the tall ladder over and hooking the other side.

I am always totally amazed when the banners go up on the wall because it is the first time I am able to see them actually hanging (rather than on my table) - and it is the first time to see the two overlays together. When the Big Jesus and His names finally were hung I was truly in awe and had goose bumps at the sight.

I had some challenges with the name overlay during the day on Saturday - it was taking so much longer to paint than I had anticipated and I was becoming frustrated and anxious about not getting done. Then because of the size I had trouble maneuvering around it in my dining room and I ended up getting my foot caught in the tulle and ripping a hole in the middle of it - at the same time I disoriented the tulle from the pattern and sent glitter all over the room (as if there wasn't enough glitter around already). I had to reposition and then continue by faith, believing that I had gotten it lined up straight to continue to paint. I patched the hole and there is still a tear but it is a reminder that it is God is in control. So, to see the banner up on the wall and have it look as it was planned and better that I ever imagined was a Easter miracle for me.

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