Sunday, April 5, 2009

Palm Sunday Banners

Here is the wall with the Palm Sunday banners. This was a challenge in many aspects. The two scriptures Joe had given us for this week were so different, one being King Jesus entering the city on the donkey and all the palms and the second being Jesus being mocked and called King of the Jews - so pulling those two together was the first challenge. The next was to execute the concept...

Hand painting the verse 5 times repeated to make the crown was also a challenge, but once I got going it only took 4+ hours (including a couple breaks and taking some pictures). I had anticipated it taking at least 5 hours to do the small lettering, so I was glad that it went so quickly.

After the words dried the thorns were added around the crown - the bottle caps mark were the thorns were placed. Once those were done, there was some trim to be added, some clipping off of extra tulle and it was ready to hang Saturday morning.

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