Thursday, April 23, 2009

Banner Triads

We call the hanging three panel banner sets "triads". Here the triads are hanging up in the rafters with the victorious "Resurrection" Easter triad hanging up front and center.

There is a triad for each of the I AM statements used as the main focus and themes of our Lent and Holy Week services - starting at the left back and going around are: The Vine - The Living Water - The King (Blessed be...) - The Living Bread - The Way, The Truth, The Life - The Resurrection and The Life - The Light of the World - "IF" - The King (Hosanna) - The Gate - The Veil.

This "triad" is three of the four of us that worked together on the Lent and Easter project - we left a space for Rick so we can photoshop him in later.

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