Monday, February 2, 2009

Hanging Banners


  1. Let's plan on finalizing where the banners will be displayed after each week's focus on the big wall. I like Joe's thinking one the removal or repositioning of the banners. I do no think it will work to hide th banners within the veil and they are large and cumbersome. no one can effectively get them all out quickly or subtly. We may choose to place one of the smaller color panels in with it's overlay ion a stand positioned around the chancel. By Maundy Thursday, there will be one of each color on display representing each week of Lent and the corresponding messages. in this form, these will be easy to remove or reposition during the service on either Thursday or Friday.
    Alternatively, these weekly "bannerettes" might b e place at the back of the Sanctuary so people confront them as they leave.
    We also discussed placing another set in the windows facing Metcalf.
    This may be more work that it is worth. We have to make note of how viable these will be from Metcalf Ave. I have a felling they will not be seen well. Kari and I were looking at the building from the outside last Sunday and feel projection of weekly images on the light colored brick may be a better solution. This would only be effective at night time, however.