Friday, February 6, 2009

A Maundy Thursday - Good Friday Thought

It occurs to me today that instead of the traditional, usual stripping of the altar we might find a way to liturgically remove the banners that will be assembling in the space throughout the season. Perhaps we could, for example, liturgically remember something about Jesus "The Light" and then darken the worship space a bit and remove the banner in some dramatic fashion. A disconnected voice could read something of how we have often failed to let Jesus' light shine in our lives or have worked to extinguish in our own lives the light Christ wants to display. Later we could do the same with "Gate". Etc.

Another thought is to gradually take them 'behind the veil' on Thursday night and hide the banners from the congregation.

Or...if we did this on Friday night...I wonder if we could find someone/some way to position a helper behind the veil who could dismantle the banners and remove them secretly to the sacristy. Then, when the veil dropps and worshippers expect to see the banners, they are gone, replaced only by the highlighted cross.

Just creatively ruminating out loud.


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