Monday, February 23, 2009

I AM....

I AM...
after the weekend of working on the Ash Wednesday banners. I am tired, too. The exhausting part is trying to figure things out on this first group and worrying that something will be wrong or missing.

...excited and anxious to see the group up on the wall in the sanctuary. It will definitely make a big, bold statement. Here at home I cannot see any of it hanging or it all together, I am curious to see how well I measured and if everything will be straight and hang correctly.

...surprised at how BIG everything really is. The big back banner (layer 1) is huge! And then then everything else is big, too. My house is not big enough to work on more than one of the tasks for each group at a time - so hopefully it will get warmer and I can move to the garage soon. I will need Steve's help for some things, too as I know he has his big work studio.

...concerned - the first group has taken longer than the others to come (I hope) - to do a group like this each week will take time, effort, teamwork, prayer, faith. I am confident we will get all of this done, we just need to keep on everything and work together. We may need to recruit some help in putting the big banners together.

...amused by the results of our sawtooth piece for the big banner. The first attempt is curled and dried up - it actually looks like a crown all rolled up. The second attempt was better but is big, clunky and has hot glue stains on it. Third time is a charm.

...Greatful! We are only just at the beginning of the Lenten season, but I am so glad to be working on this project. I am excited to see the banners up on the wall tomorrow night.

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  1. I am resisting the comment that..."i told you so!" This is what happens with the Lent /Easter effort and that is why we must be careful not to overdo it. I'll be happy to help with these banners in any way I can. I have set up 11 Easter work nights for the Easter workers to come and work on weaving the 18 crosses out of ribbon for the smaller banners. They will also help with the making of the veil and larger resurrection letters in terms of cutting them out of the foam, painting them and collaging with the photos. It will be an entire other adventure to figure out the hanging hardware for these. Please refresh my memory- Is the veil thing supposed to fall at some time during the Good Friday service? I have Lisa Haigh, Phyllis Jensen and Betty Gadberry sewing the new stoles and paraments for Easter Sunday.

    Joe and Rick- Because of this volume of work for both Kari and me, I would ask that you get someone else to handle the Wednesday services where the kids make the signs. It is just too much to do. Another thing I need to turn over is the hanging device to hang the large resurrection letters . If you want a curve, you will need to get someone to figure out how to do this and get the hardware together and installed to do it. Finally, I want to ensure that someone is in charge of retrieving photos sent in to the website, sizing them and printing them out in color.
    For starters, let's have them make 10 copies of each. They should keep all of the photos in the a file so we can have more printed should we need to have more during the collage process. This person can also maintain the display board of these photos in the narthex.
    Kari will be busy up to the end with all of the overlays and banners. We have large overlays for the 7 big central banners but remember that there are 6 overlays for each of 7 different colors for these banners. Whoa! That is a lot of overlays!! The resurrection letters will also take a long time to make and then there is the image of the Risen Christ for the wall on Easter. This last item may have to go pending timing. I will be gone from March 3 -March 11. Gadberry's leave for Hawaii on April 3 so we will lose their help at the end.