Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Colors for Banners

Hey Steve - do you have any color references for the colors of the banners? Not sure if you would know the pms color closest to the colors of the fabrics.

If not I can go to the church with my pms fan and make notes - that way the colors for the big banners will be closer than if I just pick from what I remember in my head.

Also, if you have the small black banners in your possession could you let me know the pms color it is close to? It looked pretty black with no color to it but blacks can be so hard to match.

I am hoping to start on the overlays for the first two big banners this week - so I will need the silver paint and glitter for the "I AM" and then the gold stuff for the "IF". If you will be up at the church for choir on Wednesday would you bring the stuff and leave it for me in the coat room with the touille? or I can meet you another time to make a direct handoff.

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