Monday, February 16, 2009

A rough idea...?

I had a thought on how to display the photos as we get them from the congregation...

What if we had a board with the I AM graphics and then the printed photos would be put on to create a photo collage - and eventually covering the whole board.

My initial reason for putting the video together was to show the progression of the building of the photo collage - but it may be a way to display, too - especially for an Easter presentation.

Rick, I just used some music I had handy that had a nice tempo - if you have something else I am always looking for new music and tunes to play while working as it is inspiring for the creative process.


  1. I think that this will be effective, Kari. Thanks. Whether we actually hang pic's on the board...or...simply use it as a centerpiece while hanging pic's around it on the wall, this really makes a wonderful connecting point between what's happening in the worship space and during the week.

    What will the board be made of? Is this easily made? What are next steps?


  2. We can make out of foam board and that way if we need more room as we go through lent we can add to the sides. I can print out the center "I AM" artwork for it and construct the basic piece.

  3. Wow! I love this! We could actually have a digital screen with this playing on it in the narthex and add to it as the week progress. The other way would be to put the central I AM on black foam core and then build the printed photo collage around it. We can simply suspend a 4 x 8 sheet of black foam core to that brick wall in the narthex and then pin on the printed photos.

    I really like the impact of the music with the emerging visuals on the screen. If we were one of those big box churches in Olathe we could do the whole resurrection thing on the big screen and have it develop before the congregation's eyes.