Friday, February 13, 2009

First Sunday - IF?

This seems to be the most challenging, as are most things that appear to be so simple. I am open to any suggestions...

Steve and I discussed not putting overlays on the smaller banners for the Sundays but in this case it may work with the concept if the smaller banners had question marks on them???


  1. I like everything here, even the overlays on the smaller banners. I especially like the curlicue border at the top and bottom- nice inspiration from a question mark. I'll get more of that gold fabric and make a detachable saw-tooth border for the large banner. I like how it looks in your rendition.

    The lettering on the I AM is especially nice. I also think the layering thing works effectively- the IF stands out and still allows the I AM to read. I would like to try hanging the two if piece WITHOUT the slight overlap. That line created by the overlap is distracting.

  2. Kari...I, too, really like what you've done here. Very effective. I still wonder how the group feels about making these look more like scrolls and less like banners by changing the fringe along the bottom. Perhaps a mockup to visualize?

  3. I think that we can sew the two edges of the two pieces of layer 3 with fishing line so it won't show and stay in place - I agree that the overlap is distracting.