Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Rough for Easter Big Banners

As I have been thinking about how to make the names of Jesus work to make the image of Christ, I have also been thinking about execution in paint and glitter.

This approach would have the gold outline of Jesus and the words on the top layer, the names in silver on the second layer, and maybe we can do some ray effect on the background first layer.

The using of the words to make the darks and lights of an image may just turn into clumps of paint and glitter - we can still pursue after we find out how delicate of lines we can achieve after doing the first couple of overlays with the scrolls.

1 comment:

  1. Fantastic! This is much more poignant that I had imagined. The use of gold and white should work well.

    I am wondering about the pictures that shall cover the 'RESURRRECTION' hanging. Instead of utilizing the natural colors of the pictures as shot...what if we made monochrome with a gold hue (instead of black and white)? I am wondering if this would coordinate better with other art 'happenings' in the space. Thoughts?