Monday, March 9, 2009

I Love Glitter!!!!!

Glitter is almost everywhere in my house, my garage, driveway, car - even the cat had some on his back the other day. I am sure my vacuum cleaner is full of glitter, too.

Glitter is the word used to describe an assortment of very small (roughly 1 mm²) pieces of paper, glass or plastic in metallic, neon and iridescent colors to reflect light in a sparkling spectrum.

Glitter is commonly used in craft projects, especially for small children, sorority women and people from Atonement, because of the brilliant effects which can be achieved relatively easily.

Glitter was invented by Henry Ruschmann on his Hereford cattle farm in Bernardsville, New Jersey. Accounts conflict as to when glitter was invented--some say 1934 and others shortly after World War II. Today the company he founded Meadowbrook Inventions is the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of glitter and has been for over fifty years. Some of the glitter used on the Lent banners is from NJ.

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