Thursday, March 26, 2009

Photos for the Board and more...

I took some pictures of the kids last night and we spelled out "I AM" on floor and got some shots of it. Here is the "A". I will post the whole thing put together later today.

I got some other good shots of the kids workings on name signs and then just close ups of most of them. If we can get some more like these that would help to add to our Easter Morning Resurrection photo collage.

I have given Steve several pages of photos already, they are using the photos we got from folks, some stock photos and then some from other galleries on the Atonement site. We need to get some pix from the recent Mexico trip and I have some misc Tanzania pix from Brooke, too. I am going to be taking shots of folks when I am at church from now on to get more of our people in the shots - we have a Tanzania meeting tonight, so I will take some pix then, too. (Joe, we need some of your Holden pix).

I talked with Boo last night and it sounds like the printing of the photos shouldn't be a problem for her to do - we just need to keep taking pix and encouraging others to add theirs, too.

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