Friday, March 6, 2009

Photos for the Board

I pulled some photos that hopefully will inspire the congregation in their photo gathering for the "I AM" board.

I stopped by the church Friday evening and put some of them up on the side panels of the big board - I hope these show more of Jesus in our lives rather than literal shots of gates, light, vines, etc. We can add some of the more literal shots later - that way we won't get 100 more shots of gates and fireworks - and no more water aerobics, too.

As for the resolution of the images - there is no way to improve the images that were submitted at the low resolution. They could be printed at postage stamp or phone screen size and look okay but other than that they will be blurry and pixilated at a larger size. We should ask for photos at a higher resolution - as long as it not cumbersome to the senders' network systems or the Atonement system to handle the larger files.


  1. The board and the pictures seemed to attract some folks this morning and I got to talk with some of them. They really appreciated the images that were up as it helped them understand what we are looking for - I overheard one guys say " this is so cool - now I understand what this is all about."

    Boo, look out for more pictures this week - if you post them in the gallery I will print them out and attach them to the board on Wednesday and before the weekend.

  2. Kari . . . very nice job on the board! The picures and placement look great. Thanks so much for sharing your talent with all of us!