Thursday, March 5, 2009

I've received several photos via email. I checked the dpi and most of them are 72dpi. I'm not sure these will print very well unless the size is reduced (4x6ish or smaller). Any ideas on how to get around this. Admittedly, I'm not knowledgeable in this area.

How should these be mounted? Are we to mount them on the existing foam core or are we to extend the board that's up and mount the pics on the sides? Should they be placed row by row or random? Are they to be grouped by theme?

Speaking of theme, not sure the pictures are really in sync with the themes. PJ and talked for a couple of minutes about this . . .not sure where to go from here. All are posted on the website if you want to view them.

I talked to Mike S. about affixing the sides of existing board to the wall so that they lay flat.


  1. Boo -

    If the pics are small that is okay - go ahead and print them out 4x6 or smaller. We are hoping for hundreds so not sure we would want them any bigger.

    Place them randomly on the side panels - there is a video that I posted on back on Feb 16 "a rough idea". It shows the development of the board as the pictures are added.

    Not sure about the themes - and I agree that some are not in sync with what we are looking for - especially the ones of the same thing. We may want to edit some of the ocean pics.

    I saw the board up the other night - I thought the sides were against the wall.

    I can stop by the church in the morning before going to work - it may be around 8:30 so I hope you will be in then.

  2. Met with Kari this morning to discuss pics. She’s going to work on getting them to print clearly. She also has Bredow’s CD.

    We talked too about the need for having more pictures with people that relate to the theme for the week . . . for example, photos that represent ‘light’ in lives as opposed to light in the literal sense.

    PJ, I’m adding ‘I Am photos’ to your announcement sheet. Can you expand on this subject? Not sure how else to get the word out at this point. Maybe talking about it Wed night too?