Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Plan for Childrens' Art on Wednesdays

On 3.2.09 Joe asked "Where are we with this? What can Krissann and I do?"

Steve's reply -
I stopped at US Toy over lunch and picked up four packages of colored markers for the kids to use in making the signs in Wednesday. Put out only the red, yellow, blue, purple and green markers NOT the orange, brown or black. I had to get regular markers as they did not carry the extra wide ones I was looking for. Joe, they are in a bag looped on the handle of your office door.

Kari is picking up the white foam core and will deliver to the church before Wed evening. We will worry about the sticks for the signs later.

Joe, remember we discussed instructing the kids to practice their name of God on a scrap of paper before they actually do the final on the foam core to ensure correct placement and spelling. Encourage them to thicken their letters once they have them printed out to that they show up. If you want to extend the activity a bit longer have them user two colors when doing their name. First they will letter the name in one color and fatten it up. Say Johnny chooses yellow for this - Then he chooses purple to outline his letters. this will not only be more colorful, it will help with the readability of the yellow letters on a white background and is, in the end, more interesting to look at. I toyed with having them use glitter and decided it would be a costly mess. Stick with two colors of markers and you will be good to go.

You might also have plenty of words for Jesus and God up on a board or chart so they do not all use the same name.

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