Thursday, March 12, 2009

Little Rays of Light

The time with the kids last night was a bit challenging as there were supposed to be some people to assist me, but instead there were a couple teenagers that required as much supervision as some of the kids.

The smaller children were actually very well behaved and were able to follow the instructions for our name sign project and came up with some charming pieces for the Easter garden.

Then there were some of the older children who thought faster was better - one girl finished her first attempt at her piece in less than five minutes - I asked her to re-do as in her haste she left out several letters of the words. She then took her time and did a really nice job. She finished and then asked to do another name sign. Again, she really took her time and ended up with another really nice piece - she actually asked me several times during the second sign on what she could do or add to make it better.

Another little girl finished her first sign and asked to do another one. We picked out another name and she asked me to help her to sketch it out on her paper - I very quickly drew out the name and told her I would re-do it again on a new paper since the first one was so rough. She looked at me very sincerely and said, "maybe you should go slower this time".

Going forward on Wednesday nights we will need to have more for the kids to do, another activity would help with keeping the kids engaged - and additional "adult" supervision is necessary.

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  1. I've put "Wed nights with kids" on the agenda for Tues staff meeting and will try to get some adult help.